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Speedy Media is an East Texas online marketing company located in Longview, Texas. We specialize in web design , reputation management, social media marketing and mobile marketing, mobile app development, mobile website development, search engine optimization and SEO consultation. We provide online marketing for all businesses, large and small.

website design that's effective

Based in Longview TX, Speedy Media provides web design services to companies throughout the East Texas area. Not only that, we have provided stunning websites to companies throughout the United States and beyond. We are a growing web design company seeking to provide great customer service, hard work, and high end, visually stunning websites that sell your business or product like no other. Your satisfaction is our priority. We'll work with you to determine your companies primary needs and you be happy with your brand new, attractive home on the world wide web.

Website Design Services


superior online marketing

We have a proven track record of creating stunning websites that capitalize on our client's proven marketing schemes. We have experience dealing with both small businesses and large companies. We will work hard with you to ensure that your message is heard by the most people. A well marketed site can greatly increase your conversion rates and your company's revenue. We offer search engine optimization, SEO consultation, website analysis, email marketing, website reviews and reports, social media marketing, and website design and testing.

Online Marketing Services


mobile app development

Companies around the world are starting to focus on apps to meet their needs, but very few have explored the possibilities of merging web and apps together. At Speedy Media, we have developed strategies that will place the power of the web in a mobile app. We work to narrow the web-to-app experience with a mobile cross-platform solution. Our platform allows us to simultaneously create, edit, and manage iPhone, iPad, and Android apps online using our powerful content management systems. Reach customers wherever they are with a beautiful and powerfull mobile app.

Mobile App Services