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New Tools to Help with Mobile Marketing

what-is-seoAs a marketing approach deeply entrenched in a fast-growing technology, we're finding that new tools are constantly being introduced to help us either improve, keep up with, or use these new gadgets. Below are 3 new tools we've discovered that really make a difference!

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What Not to Do On Facebook

what-is-seoAnyone watching "Kitchen Nightmares" starring Gordon Ramsey a few weeks ago in the episode featuring Amy and Samy Bouzaglo of Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Ariz. must still be shaking their heads in amazement at the social media disaster that has ensued. It seems the owners didn't think much of the recommendations proposed by the often outspoken Ramsey, then took to their Facebook page to start an all-out flame war with their critics, huge numbers of Reddit commenters that descended upon their page, and at last count have left some 45,000 comments. This turned into a classic lesson in how NOT to do social media. The consistently stubborn owner Amy, joined in by her husband, opened fire in an epic flaming match with all the commenters, complete with salty language in all caps, to boot. There is little doubt they'll be dealing whith this for a long time, as the vast majority of the comments were, how should we say, less than complimentary. This was an epic social media train wreck if there has ever been one.

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How to Safely Ignore Metrics and Get a More Accurate Picture

metricsThe term "vanity metrics" has made its way into the marketing vocabulary recently, and for good reason. What many use to measure "results" can frequently be misleading and because of this, it's worth taking a look at some of the marketing metrics you can (and probably should!) ignore.

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Hyperlocal Marketing is More Than Groupon and LivingSocial!

dealMany small business owners are asking not only if Groupon and LivingSocial going to remain afloat, but are they an option for smaller business such as theirs? Or will a smaller daily deal site be more likely to be the ticket to help you with your hyperlocal marketing? There are a number of benefits to using a few of the smaller daily deal sites instead of the market beasts, Groupon, LivingSocial Facebook and Google. We're going to take a look at why sites like Woot, Yelp, eLocal, Local Response, ZipLocal, Signpost, CityMaps, Yipit, and ShowMeLocal may be able to offer you a far more agile and consumer-focused result.

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