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The E-newsletter Is the Rodney Dangerfield of Internet Marketing

norespectMany businesses are of the opinion that the e-newsletter is a tool from days gone by, when we were all connected to dial-up Internet via AOL and “surfed” the web like a herd of turtles with Netscape. Though the e-newsletter has existed quite a long time, it is still a very important tool that you would do well to employ. This is perhaps even more true today than before. Anytime you can communicate more effectively and connect with your customers in a meaningful fashion is a useful one. An e-newsletter is a very good method to use, build authority and ultimately drive sales. The Direct Marketing Association informs us that every $1 spent on email marketing creates $40 in revenue. Aweber reveals that 77% of small business owners report increased revenue using email.

Not your grandmother’s e-newsletters anymore!

Don’t be buffaloed into believing that your e-newsletter needs to be as bland and un-sexy as those you’ve made the mistake of opting in for. Here are some eye-catching examples of e-newsletters that rock! Also, making sure you’re not just selling, but engaging your audience with useful, interesting content. Kayak, for example, isn’t just about telling you about the latest travel deals, but rather getting you salivating on the idea of travel and fun. Additionally, they go out of the way to engage their readers.

Five tips for creating an E-newsletter

Here are some tips for writing an E-newsletter that will get opened and acted upon!

  • Talk as if you’re talking to a friend – Customers are affected by a friendly tone, and are much more likely to engage.
  • You want to encourage communication – Be sure you give your readers every opportunity to respond and use specific calls to action to request it!
  • Be specific! – Don’t stray from the topic, and above all, don’t be boring!
  • Create extremely useful content – Provide fresh and unique content that’s useful and is precisely what is resonating with your list. (Make sure you know this!)
  • Don’t hesitate to use emotion – Writing with emotion is powerful and is almost certainly going to stir others as well, promoting more engagement.

Don’t settle for simply autoresponder messages! Create a meaningful and useful e-newsletter today!