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Hyperlocal Marketing is More Than Groupon and LivingSocial!

dealMany small business owners are asking not only if Groupon and LivingSocial going to remain afloat, but are they an option for smaller business such as theirs? Or will a smaller daily deal site be more likely to be the ticket to help you with your hyperlocal marketing? There are a number of benefits to using a few of the smaller daily deal sites instead of the market beasts, Groupon, LivingSocial Facebook and Google. We're going to take a look at why sites like Woot, Yelp, eLocal, Local Response, ZipLocal, Signpost, CityMaps, Yipit, and ShowMeLocal may be able to offer you a far more agile and consumer-focused result.

So who are these smaller daily deal sites?

We've all heard and a few lived the horror stories of small business owners who've signed up with a daily deal site and been unable to provide the the amount of deals they were talked into or urged to purchase. Not the case with the smaller companies, since they understand that your satisfaction is the only way you'll return and also spread the word in your hyperlocal area. Also, although they typically have smaller staffs, support from a smaller site is much easier to get, as you're generally not being passed over for businesses spending far more money than yours.

Some more advantages smaller daily deals have for hyperlocal marketing

Some of these niche sites employ much smaller workforces, meaning they have the flexibility to adapt adjust to your needs. They generally don't have investors to answer to, and are far more likely to be able to concentrate on helping you, rather than serving their stock price. They understand that they have to deliver for you, the small businessperson, or you won't return. Moreover, if a merchant has a bad experience they are very likely to spread the word socially, and this will have a negative effect. Conversely, a smaller daily deal site that comes through will see its fame spread throughout your hyperlocal community. Don't pass over some of the smaller daily deal sites when you're looking for offers. They may actually be the right fit for your small business!