Reach Your Consumers Did you know that social media sites have over
800 MILLION potential clients waiting for you?

Custom Twitter Profiles

Speedy Media creates attractive Twitter profiles that coordinate with the look and feel of your other marketing materials so that it is evident to your clients, that they have reached a legitimate page for your company.

Monthly Twitter Campaigns

We also offer monthly Twitter campaigns that will post automatically for you on a daily or weekly basis--keeping your followers busy instead of you. Combine this with other marketing channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest for maximum leads in the social world.


The Five Reasons There is Value in Twitter Marketing.

1. Twitter is a Growing Marketplace

As Twitter grows, the ability to spread your product or service to more and more people grows as well. As of March, 2011, there were 460,000 new accounts being added per day. This growth comes after just five years in business. It's clear that Twitter is not going away.
Tapping into this marketplace definitely has its advantages. Users that follow your brand choose to do so, so their loyalty is almost always built in. They gladly read what you have to say, so their minds (and wallets) may already be open to what you have to sell. The response rate to direct marketing messages via Twitter can far outweigh that of a standard campaign.

2. Everywhere - Computer and Smartphone Access

Twitter is spreading far and wide, and as technology changes, Twitter is quickly becoming integrated with our daily lives. Users access their Twitter accounts all day, every day. They can get it at home on their computer, or they can access it at any moment on their laptops, pads, or smartphones. This makes Twitter a marketing tool that can reach a customer at any point in their life.
No longer do you have to analyze what TV show your customers will be watching. No longer do you have to predict what magazines your potential clients read. Your marketing message, when sent via Twitter, can find them wherever they may be.

3. Local - Targeted Marketing

One of the foremost benefits for Twitter, though it is a world-wide phenomena, is that you can locate potential customers who are local to your business. Knowing that your message is no longer blindly falling on distant and deaf ears can ease your mind as a marketer. Having followers that are local to your company can add value to the message you are providing.

4. Brand Management and Customer Service

Marketing via Twitter, you now have the ability to see what people, followers or not, are saying about you and your brand. Since tweets are searchable, you can monitor what people are saying via twitter and respond quickly to any concerns or compliments that may arise.
This sort of instant customer service is a growing trend on Twitter, and more and more brands are finding value in taking care of their customers in a fast and concise manner.
Additionally, through Twitter you can be proactive about informing customers about issues that may arise. If your website goes down, or a product is recalled, getting the word out quickly can save a massive customer service nightmare in the long run.

5. The ReTweet, Digital Word of Mouth

Perhaps your Twitter customer base is rather small. You're a growing company, and you realize it takes time to reach the audience that will get you the most profitability. One of the great tools that Twitter provides is the "retweet."

Users have the ability, upon seeing a tweet that they appreciate, to "retweet" it to their followers, thus spreading the word about your product. What's more is that their followers can then resend the same message to a new set of followers, and so on. If your message is finely tuned and on point, you can expect to see an almost viral growth to your business.