Reach Your Consumers Did you know that social media sites have over
800 MILLION potential clients waiting for you?

Social Media Marketing

Since social media has become the number one activity on the internet, businesses are realizing the importance of marketing to their potential clients through the various channels. However, social media is very involved and requires time and a well-executed, on-going campaign. We provide you with knowledgeable experts that help you plan and execute online and mobile marketing strategies with zero extra effort on your part. Review our services and contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

If your business is online or if you are thinking about bringing your business online, one important step that most website owners skip is finding out where your customers spend their time online. The traditional advertising equivelint of this would be if you were targeting a physical location like a city, region or demographic for print advertising. Because of a huge shift to social media and applications like twitter, linkedin and facebook, businesses have a unique opportunity to interact directly with their customers on a personal and professional level, establish a rapport and gain trust and followers.

Social Media Planning & Setup

Before you begin any type of social media marketing, consider hiring a professional company to help you develop a strategy that will tie in with your overall marketing goals for your website. Planning your social media strategy will allow you to focus on exactly your target consumer and spend less time and earn more business.

We can help your organization with the following:

  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Setting up Social Media Profiles, or Pages
  • Design Graphics to Enhance Profile(s)

Social Media Profile Management

Keeping your profiles active is key to success with social media. Neglecting profiles for several weeks or months because you are too busy running your business will eliminate any short-term benefit you may have seen SEO-wise or in sales.

Depending on the profile age and current success, an active social media profile can take anywhere from 8 - 30 hrs. per month to maintain, that's for each account. Speedy Media can help alleviate the burden of managing your profiles with-out sacrificing your social medial marketing goals.

Social Media Management Services:

  • We assign an SEO specialist to your social media account(s)
  • Research Trending Topics, Know Your Industry and Your Products
  • Post Interesting Information to Your Accounts to Engage Your Audience
  • Interact and Grow Your Friends, Followers, Connections etc.
  • Re-post Special Events, Sales, News or Blog Entries, etc. From Your Organization
  • Track, Report and Evaluate Your ROI
  • and more...

Are you ready to start targeting your customers with social media marketing? Speedy Media can help you plan, organize and execute a successful social media campaign. If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us to set up a social media marketing consultation.

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